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'Marble Eyes' - The Latest Track You All Need To Hear

The perfect tune to start your day

Will Marsh


ith so much music bouncing around Australia’s local scene, it’s almost too easy for new tracks to slip by unnoticed by the public.

That being the case, I thought I’d bring some special attention to one new track that couldn’t help but stand out in this never-ending flow of music - ‘Marble Eyes,’ from Perth producer CALIBR.

Full of zest and energy, the tracks lighthearted beats are perfect for any time, any place, and any playlist - make sure you don’t skip out on it.

With summery trap vibes akin to Flume or Ekali, ‘Marble Eyes’ is a beautifully refreshing track that can’t help but suck you in.

By building it’s foundations around soft beats and drawn-out synths, CALIBR creates this wonderful sense of flow that’s incredibly easy on the ears, blending the track into one cohesive piece.

Every element feels precise and purposeful, it’s never overwhelming, and there’s this satisfying connection between every drop and buildup that just makes the song feel complete.

While it’s sound design in some cases could be palmed off as ‘basic’, the simplistic structure of ‘Marble Eyes’ make it exactly what it set out to be - an elegant and intimate finished product.

With a ‘less-is-more’ approach to production CALIBR has delivered a track that  sets itself apart from the herd, and it's one that I just couldn’t let anyone miss.