Filth's 4th Birthday; Dirt Monkey, Boogie T, HE$H & Subtronics Murder Everyone

Monday has never been so painful

Will Marsh


It might have been a Sunday afternoon, but Filth still showed everyone that putting Boogie T, Dirt Monkey, HE$H & Subtronics on display was enough to drag even the most hungover riddim-fiends out of bed, ready to brave the fuck-off Australian heat for one of the wildest parties of 2019.

Despite the sun trying to kill everyone plenty of punters got down early to see the supports prove their worth, and with the likes of Spoook, 7inn & Gud Riddance all throwing down some killer sets, Filth did the perfect job making sure everyone was alert and ready for the long day ahead.

Boogie T

Whether you spent the hour watching visuals or admiring his glorious beard, you couldn’t help but catch yourself bopping to the wiggy experimental riddim Boogie T threw down. The perfect way to ease into the evening, his minimal bouncy beats latched onto your energy without ever burning out, building steady hype in the smoothest way possible.

Seeing him bounce around on stage amidst slappy-riddim and vibrant backgrounds was almost too much fun, and while he might not pioneer that show stopping dubstep crowds crave, his sets uniqueness was more than enough to keep the courtyard crammed wall to wall. More than happy with his Sunday-debut reception, there’s no doubt we gave him plenty of reasons to head back before long.

Dirt Monkey

With each headliner slowly amping up the intensity, Dirt Monkey’s wonky, deep-bass dubstep was the perfect follow up to the bounce dropped by Boogie. Like the riddim version of Liquid Stranger, his warped music has such a very distinct feel, and despite my doubts his wiggy space-bass translated beautifully into a live set.

Delivering robotic-samples in style, he blended his deep beats perfectly with heavier riddim, putting plenty of his own spins on display while making sure to give the crowd plenty of rougher beats to rage to. His music might feel more suited to kickons, but pairing his song choice, smooth delivery and stunning backgrounds together felt like the perfect combination, heating things up just enough for HE$H to make his big entrance.


From the bottom of the pile to a riddim legend, HE$H’s explosion onto the scene was a gift to fans everywhere. Fusing stretchy riddim with hip-hop elements and intense dubstep, his aggressive metallic style truly feels unlike anything else. 

Trading wonky for wild, his hardcore fight music turned the crowd into a clusterfuck of moshpits and finger guns before he even made it to his first “HE$H?” sample, and his heavy beats forced everyone down from the sidelines into the overflowing courtyard. 

His aggressive style, monstrous ‘Loced Out’ EP and deadly remixes were exactly what the crowd wanted, and in return they gave him one of the fiercest receptions I’ve seen in a long time. Safe to say he’s due for a return before long.


Pioneering a whole new brand of bouncy riddim, Subtronics’ shit really does hit different. Throwing down a live set unlike anything else, it took just seconds for him to make an impact, melting the courtyard into a tangle of bodies & phones as the crowd took off with unbelievable energy.

Delivering an hour full of chops, wavy visuals and futuristic beats, he smacked the crowd with everything he had. Causing havoc with his ‘Vault’ remix, stretching it with ‘Bounce’ or turning heads with beloved ‘Griztronics’ - you couldn’t have asked for a better end to the night, and I can only hope he doesn’t wait a full year before coming back again.

Big ups to Filth for bringing us in for another massive one, we're already way too keen for next time. As always, I hope you enjoyed the read. Remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I'll see you next time.