Hiline ft. Space Laces; The Perfect Headline Debut

Space Laces' first headline show Down Under couldn't have gone much better

Will Marsh


ver since his Australian debut in 2018, punters - us included - have spent months anxiously awaiting Space Laces’ return Down Under. A headline show was in high demand among the many who missed his festival appearance, and the fact I’m finally able to write this makes me so happy.

Thanks to party experts Hiline, a cruel eight month wait finally came to an end this weekend, with a gig that had everything lined up to be one for the books; Space Laces, his trusty vape, a sweaty crowd & a giant inflatable jellyfish - we were definitely on.

Enlisting strong support from the likes of locals Soldz, Luna & GNRLEY, amping up the lightshows & hanging a massive fuck off jellyfish above the stage - Hiline had everyone nice and warm for the main event. By the time 1am rolled around you could seriously feel the hype lifting.

As he stepped up on stage to a rowdy chorus of cheers, it took all of 30 seconds to realise Space Laces didn’t come here to fuck around. A quick hello, then before you knew it he jumped straight into dishing out one of the most outrageous opening few minutes I’ve ever seen.

Throwing out his signature tracks to wild screams from the crowd, the venue practically shook as he started hitting us with heavy mechanical bass. Hands flailing, heads banging - no matter where you looked people were just launching themselves around frantically to the sounds of dubstep.

With such a fierce opening I was worried the crowd might burn out early, but Space Laces never gave them time to slow down, constantly mixing up his style to catch people off guard. Not many artists can manage to keep a crowd going for a straight hour, and the fact he kept the place bouncing his entire set was just another cherry on top of an already overflowing cake.

Flowing between vibrant jump-up & much heavier bass he never left more than the tiniest gap between climaxes, rolling into one drop as soon as another finished and keeping everyone on their toes as the bass continued to tear its way through Villa.

Splashing different genres together in a never ending flow, he produced a set that felt genuinely different. Refreshing, packed with energy and bundled up with crisp production on top, it didn’t take much for local pair Karma to send everyone home buzzing.

Big ups to Hiline for bringing us down. We’ll be sure to catch you all at their next one with dons Habstrakt & Holy Goof - but until then, remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.