The Experience: 'Filth' ft. 5OHMAN, Al Ross & Codd Dubz

Al Ross dances like my dad

Will Marsh


name renowned for bringing some of the worlds wonkiest acts to Perth, Filth have spent the last few years crushing the local bass scene.

The first event to exclusively book riddim, Filth started pushing a movement unlike anything seen before in Perth, and what started as an off-brand party has now blossomed into one of the most dominant event in the bass scene.

Selling out shows is nothing new for the team, with a loyal audience and a fierce booking roster meaning Filth can expect big turnouts regardless of who they’re presenting.

This time round Filth invited us along to sold out their triple-headline party featuring masters of wonk 5OHMAN, Codd Dubz & Al Ross - catch our breakdown of the experience down below.

First things first, thank lord the lines weren’t too brutal, Filth's foresight in adding additional ID check's meant people were able to flow into the event comfortably.

Despite the full capacity there was plenty of space inside, so you didn’t need to worry about bumping someone's drink and getting your head caved in in return.

Once settled the crowd was greeted by a strong list of local supports, with 7inn, Wiggum & Duffey dropping plenty of heaters to get the crowd warmed up for the main acts.


Having no idea how to pronounce his name until he came on stage, I’d been told to expect big things from 5OHMAN (So-Man), and he didn’t disappoint.

Despite numbers being on the lighter side when he started, the noise from the crowd was immense as he started shelling them with wonky tunes, and the energy was incredible.

The numbers steadily grew, and 5OHMAN’s patience paid off as he was able to greet his newcomers with some of the biggest drops of the night, and as he stepped off stage you’d have struggled to find someone disappointed with the set he delivered.

Al Ross

Looking like a dad who’d stopped by Villa mid-holiday, I couldn’t help but smile as Al Ross emerged repping a floral Hawaiian shirt, knee-high socks and an ‘Australia’ tourist cap.

Busting open with a ‘Behemoth’ double drop, he set the foundations for a set that turned out to be as entertaining to watch as it was the listen to.

He smashed a shoey and played with one shoe on, dropped some killer dance moves behind the decks, pulled out GC’s very own Coffi as an MC, and even gave us a monologue on why he loves Perth so much whilst gripping the hand of one overly enthusiastic punter.

Every aspect of his mixing was balanced perfectly, integrating double and triple chops, and dropping unreleased ID’s alongside some of his bigger tracks ‘Dogma’ & ‘Keep it G’, and when he felt like showing off he'd turn his back to the crowd and pull off some impressive 'no-look' chops.

One of the most engaging performers I’ve seen in a while, I was disappointed when he rounded off his set 20 minutes early, but his return for a 20 minute closing B2B with Codd Dubz definitely helped lessen the pain. (apologies about the videos potato quality, iPhone 5's aren't ideal for this kind of work)

Codd Dubz

The last headliner to emerge, Codd Dubz made sure he kept the crowd wide awake and active with his rapid mixing and fantastic chops.

He set a terrific pace for his set, never letting a song sit for more than a few bars before hitting us with a fresh one, and taunting us with what I’d say was almost ‘too many’ spin backs on his bigger drops.

He was happy to show off, using a single hand to chop Subfiltronik’s ‘Passout’ with crowd favourites ‘Yasuo’ & ‘Behemoth’, and he delivered an absolute shelling to close out the night.


The only problem I could pick out on the night was the growing intensity of the crowd on the dancefloor as the night wore on.

Granted it’s not something Filth can control, but some punters definitely got a bit too excited in the mosh, taking more of a “fucking die” approach than others, and what started as a harmless pit ended with a handful of punters starting to square up.

Credit to those who helped extinguish any disagreements before they escalated, hopefully next time we can party without members of the crowd being dragged out by security.

If you love a bit of wonkyness and haven’t already given it a crack, it won’t be long before Filth are back for another party, so do yourself a favour a get yourself a ticket. You won’t regret it.

Massive thanks to Filth for getting us to their event. Remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.