Death Disco - Perth's Oldest Club Night Celebrates Turning Twelve

The Grandfather of Perth's club scene - Happy Birthday

Will Marsh


007 was a big year for a lot of reasons; The Bee Movie was released, iPhones took over the world, Shrek The Third ruined the franchise, and of course, Perth’s beloved Death Disco came into existence.

Now, after 600 consecutive weekends and over 4000 hours of partying, Death Disco is claiming the title of Perth’s longest-standing club night with the celebration of its 12th birthday.

What started as a night built around alt-rock has transformed into a weekly sensation, and with the likes of Flume, Diplo, RUFUS & Slumberjack gracing its stage over the years, they’ve never failed to keep punters coming back.

With their 12th birthday approaching, we spun some questions past DD pioneer Anton about the big celebration, and got some insight into what’s kept the club pumping all these years. Enjoy!


Twelve years is a long time, what’s made you stick with Death Disco this far?

“It comes down to fun and necessity. We always have a great time and we have bills to pay and families to feed - throwing parties sure as hell beats stocking shelves.”

What’s the biggest Death Disco you reckon you’ve thrown?

“For me it’sthe party we threw in March 2014. It was a wild campaign fundraiser I organised for The Greens. I taught Senator Scott Ludlam to DJ and he dropped a wicked set, and we had guys like Sam Perry & Command Q play as well. Definitely put the ‘party’ into Greens Party.

Funniest thing you’ve seen at one of your parties?

“What So Not being completely off his chops in the beer garden at 6am. I turn around and see him….exposing himself. Just to me! I felt dirty and weirdly honoured at the same time. Fuck knows what was going through his head, but it was off the back of a massive Triple J House Party so by 6am shit got weird.”

What’s been the key to pulling in crowds every week?

“The last two years Perth has grown up, and there’s more on offer than ever before, so we’re bringing in more guest DJ’s, throwing themed parties, and treating every Saturday as an event.”

“Our music policy will always adapt to the next generation of clubbers. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in one specific genre, because as soon as you do you’ve given yourself a shelf life.”

Have you got anything extra special planned for the 12th birthday?

“We’ve got Thieves headlining all the way from the US, our resident DJ’s and some big locals dropping sets, and Andrei & myself are planning a big B2B set. We’re also ramping up production with a bunch of cool surprises in store as well.”

Big crowds, big parties and even bigger hangovers - Death Disco isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet.

If a party with The Greens can go as hard as this, their 12th birthday is bound to be massive - make sure you check it out. See you there!