Embassy Crew; The Rise of Perth's New Underground Collective

Deep down, dark & diverse - the sounds of the underground are headed this way

Will Marsh


ark basslines, rumbling synths, gritty bars & halftime beats - it’s no secret that the ominous sounds of the UK underground aren’t exactly commonplace here in Australia.

Our community instead seems to be dominated - in both fanbase and production - by the likes of trap, hardstyle & dubstep beats, and as such our underground scene constantly struggles to break into the mainstream.

It was this reality that spurred the creation of Perth’s latest collective; Embassy Crew.

Emerging at the start of 2019, the Crew’s founder Harrison ‘Flashcult’ Schaler stumbled across the idea when he noticed a gap in the local EDM scene where demand for UK bass in Australia simply wasn’t being met. Having already spent a few years pushing the sound solo, the opportunity was just too good for him to pass up.

With a vision in mind he established and launched the now-collective, bringing together a strong list of local talent to drive the Crew towards their ultimate goal - creating a leading platform for UK bass here in Australia.

Coming along for the ride, beatmakers Choc Production, HIIFI, OSSA, SUB FILLA & Empire have since joined Flashcult under the collective, and the label is already gearing up to start pushing their underground sounds all across the country.

The Crew’s release of their ‘FOUNDATIONS’ EP put their flavoursome style of deep, dark basslines on display in clinical fashion, and was the perfect introduction to the wobbly releases we can expect from them in the future. Don’t skip out, be sure to give it a listen.

With impending opportunities, big gaps to fill, a solid roster and plenty more releases on the way, Embassy Crew are looking more than ready to mark themselves as the face of UK bass here in Australia. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Be sure to check them out here - they’ve got some big things in store. As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.