Alec Ferris x Son-J Link Up With Their Beautiful Collab EP; 'When Summer Comes'

The pair taking Trap music to a whole new level with their raw, hauntingly emotional  project

Will Marsh


nnovative, raw & deeply poetic, it’s not easy trying to explain the sheer depth beneath the layers of Alec Ferris’ ‘When Summer Comes.’ Taking everything we know about trap music and stripping it right down to its core, the end result is as an EP as minimal & profound as it gets. 

Merging the talents of LA singer-songwriter Alec Ferris & Australian electronic producer Son-J, the two have come together to create a deeply poetic project more transparent & atmospheric than anything they’ve tried before, one that’s full of so much more than just typical trap ‘bangers’.

Releasing September 23rd, ‘When Summer Comes’ is a five-track journey delving into the deepest emotions of its creators. It craves appreciation, made for headphones in an empty room not speakers in a club, and if you have the time spare, it’s a journey well worth taking.

Pouring straight from the heart, the duo crafted their music to touch on the darker elements of the human condition. Depression, guilt, anxiety, the ever-pressing struggles of letting go & moving on - the EP digs deep into the minds of its creators, with each track acting as an opportunity for the producers to express themselves in their own right.

Produed by Perth EDM artist Son-J

This might seem pretty full on for two guys who met through SoundCloud, but despite its depth ‘When Summer Comes’ doesn't just try to inspire sadness or anguish. If you delve deeper you’ll realise there’s so much more to it than that.

Every element of Son-J’s production feels full of purpose, with everything from subtle creeks to bass claps carrying the weight of a deeper meaning. Perfect electronic breaks & heavy beats pair perfectly with Alecs’ anguished lyrics, the whole soundscape of the EP feels properly cohesive.

If you need any proof, a single listen of the EP’s opener ‘Tell Me Where You’ve Been’ will show you exactly what I mean. Building through slow piano notes, thrusting into bursts of robust bass then back to slow winding lyrics, themes of emotional empowerment are apparent everywhere you look, The remaining tracks carry on from this perfectly, telling a story in their own right, and despite their more laboured tone none of the music ends up feeling generic in the slightest.

Making sadness sound different isn’t easy, but ‘When Summer Comes’ truly shines with its subliminal sequences and perfectly measured storytelling, combining perfectly to create a truly memorable product.

It’s design might feel basic to some, but beneath its surface ‘When Summer Comes’ expands into a truly expansive project. Crafting a relatable journey, inciting a discussion of our deeper emotions and giving two talented artists a chance to truly express themselves - so much is achieved in the space of five tracks it almost feels unreal.

Whether it sounds like your vibe or not, I promise you that ‘When Summer Comes’ is more than worth twenty minutes of your time. So plug your headphones in, lay back, and enjoy the ride. I’ll see you guys next time.