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Dubstep Meets Psytrance In Levi Walsh's Latest; 'Like A G'

The Aussie producers latest finds a perfect balance between two of EDM's most distinct genres

Will Marsh


ith a local music scene as vibrant as ours, it’s all too easy for some of the hottest new releases to slip under the radar, and even no-lifes like us can struggle to keep up with it all

That being the case, today feels like as good a day as any to pay some special attention to one of the most interesting tracks we’ve stumbled across recently. A definite vibe and a half, the latest from Perth boy Levi Walsh ‘Like A G’ just couldn’t help but standout.

Guaranteed to smack people around, ‘Like A G’s metallic dubstep comfortably sucks you in before you know it, giving off this jagged sense of momentum while still finding that perfect kind of balance that never ends up feeling too harsh on your ears.

The weight of the track paired with never-ending waves of new sounds gives it a clean sense of purpose, and by constantly switching things up Levi guarantees his listeners never get caught feeling bored or lethargic.

If you’re a bit more cynical you could probably compare its sound design to the likes of Virtual Riot or Kompany, but what makes ‘Like A G’ stand out as more than just any old dubstep song is the perfect blend it incorporates between two wildly different genres.

Pairing heavy bass with the rapid thumping beats of psytrance sounds wrong on paper, but in this case its execution adds so much flavour to the finished product even Samuel L Jackson would be drinking it from the bowl.

A perfect genre blend, clear sense of direction & a problem solving mentality - Levi has set himself apart from the herd with something wonderfully refreshing & different. Whether you’ll be pumping it in the car or jamming it at pre’s, this wasn’t one I wanted you to miss.