Man Takes Too Much Acid At EDC And Decides To Get Completely Naked

I love music festivals

Will Marsh


here’s no doubt we’ve all got our fair share of stories from festival season, but I can safely say that none of mine quite compare to one man’s psychedelic adventures from this years EDC.

Taking a lot of drugs at a music festival is nothing new, but one enthusiastic punters decision to take 8 tabs of acid on the first day of EDC took him on a journey - figuratively & literally - that would ultimately make news headlines.

The man has since emerged on Reddit to answer some questions about the experience, and give some much needed context - give it a read here.

In the process of tripping absolute balls the man decided to split from his friends and make his way towards the Quantum Valley stage, where it seems the combination of too much LSD and 150 bpm trance music proved a bit too much for him to handle. As a result he decided it would be a perfectly good idea to remove every item of clothing and go about the rest of his night completely naked - as you do.

Sadly his fun didn’t last more than a few minutes before Police grabbed him and hauled him off to the med tent, but luckily he ended up with nothing more than a headache and a funny story to share on the internet.

I've seen plenty of cooked stuff at festivals, but a naked dude running around listening to trance definitely isn't on my list - hopefully it stays that way.

Festival season isn’t too far away now, so if any of your mates are keen on taking a ridiculous amount of acid, maybe let them know it’s not the brightest idea - I think we’d all prefer not to see any dicks flailing around in the mosh.

As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.