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Five EDM Artists to Watch in 2019

A bunch of young artists you'll definitely want to keep an eye on

Will Marsh


espite being a rollercoaster year for the EDM industry, we’ve been lucky enough to see the emergence of some bright stars over the last 12 months.

For artists like Svdden Death and Fisher, 2018 was a huge breakout year, and their meteoric rise to the top proves that with enough work anyone can make it to the big stage.

With a massive amount of fresh artists stepping into the spotlight, it can be hard keeping track of everything. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five artists we’re expecting big things from in 2019.

Stepping up with some serious talent, we’re sure it won’t be long before you’re hearing their names, so check them out below and let us know what you think.


No stranger to the game, Perth-based Harrison Bailie is a young producer with years of experience already under his belt. Formerly part of the acclaimed Perth act TWERL, he stepped away from the duo mid-2017 to begin carving out his own path under the handle Silva.

A big move for his career, Silva has spent the last few years working to refine his unique style, and has released some beautiful tracks, including his big collab with  Luude.

His first track of 2019 ‘Unforgotten’, with it’s wavy beat and pulsating synths, has already proven extremely popular in the trap community, and there’s no doubt in my mind Silva has a big year in store. Definitely one to watch.


A handle most people (including myself) only started hearing towards the end of 2018, HE$H, at just 19, is well on the way to becoming a household name among riddim fans.

Flying largely undetected, his inclusion on the Lost Lands 2018 lineup provided the perfect platform for him to demonstrate his talent, and with his stellar performance, it didn’t take long for people to start learning his name.

His creative style takes an often regurgitated soundscape and twists it in a unique way, making every one of his tracks stand out.

The success he saw in 2018 was just the start, he’s got plenty more in the tank.

Credit: HE$H


An artist we’re no stranger to here at PinkMilk, it would be a crime not to include Perth producer Son-J on this list. One of the most driven artists we’ve come across, Son-J has already opened up to us about the massive 2019 he’s got planned, full of new releases and big collaborations.

With stompers like ‘Rush’ and ‘Dah’ already under his belt, Son-J has stacks of tunes on the way, and his name is bound to start appearing in your playlists before long. Definitely one worth looking into.


Hekler is another young artist who brings a massive amount of creativity to an already crowded table, setting himself apart from the herd with fresh ideas and a unique soundscape.

His music marks him as an instant standout, combining robotic sounds, sirens and metallic bass claps to produce a unique style of sound.

Barely old enough to drink alcohol at his own shows, the L.A prodigy has already seen his tracks supported by artists like Excision, and has been consistently releasing music since entering the industry in 2017.

Hekler has the potential to one day stand among the biggest names in EDM, and with no shortage of ideas, I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store this year.


At just 16 years old, Perto is the youngest name to make this list, but despite his age he’s still backed by six years of production experience. Yes, he’s been producing since he was 10. Fucking 10. While the rest of us were playing Solitaire and getting our siblings to help make a Facebook account, Perto was learning to make music, and it’s definitely paid off.

He’s linked up with names like Diplo and Flosstradamus, gone on stage with Post Malone, and performed shows all over Australia whilst still pumping out music, including his big collab ‘Lose It’ with fellow Aussie star Enschway.

The kids got talent, connections and enough trap tunes under his belt to shake the roof of any club he sets foot in. We can’t wait to see where this year takes him.

Credit: Perto

There we are. Five handpicked producers that we’re expecting some big things from this year. Definitely recommend you check them all out, they’ve all got stacks of tunes that you’re bound to enjoy.

That’s all for now. Party safe, stay hydrated, and we’ll see you next time.