Listen Out 2019; Who To See & What To Expect

Get to know the hottest acts on the Australian festival's massive 2019 lineup!

Will Marsh


ell. Yeah. Listen Out Festival is finally here, and you know what that means - Grab the combat gear, dust off your fluro tops & polish those chains - we’re in for a big one!

Can’t decide who to see? Unfamiliar with the acts? No stress, we’ve broken down all our favourite names on this years lineup to help make sure you get the best possible festival experience! So have a read, plan ahead, and don’t forget about those 400 Insta stories! See you all there.


Homegrown hero, certified trap master - Flume’s closing set at LO is something no one should have to miss. Oldschool faves like ‘Holdin On’ alongside plenty of his newer glitch-hop, beautiful stage design & som all but guaranteed live collabs, there’ll be no better way to end the night.


His music might feel commercial, but don’t let that fool you, Diplo still knows how to throw down.Jack U’s biggest fan or a dirty bass gremlin, there’ll be something for everyone with Diplo dropping heaters on the mainstage.

Denzel Curry

Loud, full of energy and no doubt shirtless, Denzel Curry is the king of getting festival crowds going. Whether he’s making death walls  ‘Ultimate’ or moshing to ‘ZUU’ - expect hype like you’ve never seen it. Cannot be missed.

Schoolboy Q

Hip-hop you can’t help but love, Schoolboy is a must-see fave of just about every Australian festival-goer. Packing new goodness from his ‘Crash Talk’ LP, he’ll have plenty to dish out before he gets the whole festival singing along to ‘Collard Greens’.

Dom Dolla

The hottest house artist of 2019, whether you like EDM or not won’t matter when it comes to Dom Dolla. Upping the BPM’s with energetic tracks like ‘Take It’ & ‘San Frandisco’, his jumpy style will have the crowd so pumped it’ll be like Fisher all over again.


Find yourself at Whethan’s set, it won't be long before you're screaming out emotional lyrics, headbanging & questioning life's purpose before you even realise who you’re seeing. Imagine a younger version of Flume on a slightly smaller stage - that’s basically what you should expect.


The only Grime artist on this years bill, Slowthai is bound to draw a killer crowd. Unreal energy & fierce rhymes - seeing the UK sensation sprint around on stage with his bassy beats will get you hyped like nothing else.


Mysterious masked man, future-house master and pioneer behind global hit ‘Notorious’ - Malaa hardly needs introducing. Comfortably killing every set he plays, his rough clashing set time won’t stop him drawing some big numbers with his delicious mixture of fast resounding bass.


Taking over Australian radio with his tracks ‘Ginger’ & ‘Fake ID’, it's about time Riton brings his quirky electro-house Down Under. Pumping out countless club bangers, his bouncy electro will have the crowd buzzing like an ADHD kid on a sugar high. Definitely not one to miss.

Along with everyone mentioned here, we can’t forget about the other honourable mentions. 6lack, JPEGMAFIA, Doja Cat & Leikeli47 are all globally admired hip-hop acts who’ll no doubt bring mountains of energy onto stage, while Aussie vocalist WAFIA is bound to wow the crowds with her wonderful electronic-based vocals. 

Those with a taste for lighter EDM might look for Cosmos Midnight, Young Franco or Hannah Wants to breeze through the afternoon, while anyone with a heavier taste will have to keep an ear out for Flava D, Luude & Perto dropping some heavier bass/vibey bassline on their respective crowds. No matter your flavour, there’s something for everyone.

On a final note, make sure you all stay safe out there. Drink lots of water, look after your mates, and never be scared to head to the med-tent if you need to. Get yourselves home in once piece, and enjoy the festival. See you guys next time.