Barely Alive Takes Us On A Journey

This is a journey. Into sound.

Will Marsh


randishing enough wubs to send us to a different dimension, the microwave wearing madman Barely Alive is back again, hitting us with a 14-track album, and this time he's really turning up the heat.

Love him or hate him (come on there's no way you can hate this guy), Barely Alive has produced some absolute belters in his day. I can still remember panicking and trying to use Shazam in the middle of a gig so I could ID his track CA$H, and upon failing, being forced to type "MAKE THE SPEAKERS VIBRATE" into YouTube until I finally found what I was after. His heavy hitting style of bass is one I've grown to love, and the diversity he brings with his production is something I always find myself looking forward to.

Diverse is definitely the key word I'd use when describing Barely Alive, and it also sums up his new album 'Odyssey' quite perfectly. Fourteen songs spread over about five different genres isn't something you really expect from a predominantly dubstep producer, but it was a surprise I was excited for regardless.

'Odyssey' really does have it all. Heavy hitting, sub-woofer pounding bass from tracks like 'Shutdown' and 'Wompum', hardcore Drum n Bass doofs from 'Warrior', and even some smooth jazzy vibes from 'Deeper in Love'.

It really was like being taken on a journey, a confusing, yet very enjoyable one. I say confusing because when it came to choosing what song to play, it felt like I was playing old school Minesweeper - I just kind of clicked shit with no idea what I was gonna get. It went from DnB, to filth, followed by Hip-Hop, then onto future bass - I really had no idea what to expect with each new song. Not to say this is a bad thing, I thought the diversity in the album was brilliant, and it really illustrates how talented a producer Barely Alive is, it takes a lot of skill to produce so many genres alongside one another.

My personal favourites from the album would have to be 'Shutdown', definitely my type of style, and 'Deeper in Love', which is surprisingly about as far as you can get from my preferred type of song, which just goes to show how well Barely Alive can produce these different genres.

As to be expected, no album is ever going to be perfect, everyone produces songs which seem to be a bit weaker than others. Of course, I couldn't do any better, but at the end of the day, I guess it's kind of my job on here to say what I do and don't like. 'Xenomorph' was a track I was looking forward to, but the result just didn't have that oomph I was hoping it would. 'New Coupe' and 'Warrior' were probably my two least favourite over the entire album, they just didn't really sit too well with me, I found them both to be relatively generic.

Of course in this case, thankfully, the good do outway the bad. 'Wompum' and 'Odyssey' are absolute stompers, and his slower tracks like 'Buddy' were very well put together.

I'm not going to bother giving the album a score out of 10, I can say that I very much enjoyed listening to it, and yes, I do recommend you give it a listen. Whether you like it or not is entirely down to you, but I'm not here to score anything, I'm here to write about music, and trust me, 'Odyssey' is definitely worth your time. Congrats to Barely Alive for putting together such a diverse album, as always, I'm very keen to see what he can pump out in the future.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short little album breakdown, if you're keen to give 'Odyssey' a listen, check it out below!