What So Not Finally Releases His 'Stranger Things' Remix, Just In Time For Season Three

Three years of waiting, but it's definitely been worth it

Will Marsh


ith the anticipation for the release of Stranger Things season three reaching an all time high this week, you honestly couldn’t have picked a better time for What So Not to finally drop his long-awaited trap remix of the hit shows theme song.

A gift to EDM and Stranger Things fans alike, the Aussie producers lofty flip pairs the futuristic eeriness of Survive’s original theme song with his sleek euphoric sound design, resulting in a finished product that feels far more like an enhancement than just a remix.

Blending the interstellar sound design with WSN’s trap beats & outstanding bass claps adds a sense of exhilaration on top of the originals gloomy atmosphere, and it’s hard to think of anyone else who could have delivered such a fitting tribute.

Having been a staple in his live sets for almost three years now it’s a relief to see the edit finally drop, and pairing it with today's release of the shows third season is the cherry on top of the global fan-bases cake. Be sure to give it a listen below, and if you haven’t already binged the entire thing, enjoy Stranger Things. We hope it’s worth the wait.