The Syndicate ft. OG Nixin & Trampa; Dubstep Done Right

Trampa; The Destroyer enters the building

Will Marsh


ove it or hate it, like it or don’t - no matter what you believe, dubstep sure as hell ain't dead yet, and down here in the the self-appointed bass capital of the world, we’re always ready to prove it.

Flying some of dubsteps finest to most isolated city in the world all year round, the crew at Perth's Syndicate never fail to throw their artists the wildest parties of their entire Australian tour. Gifting us again this October, the crew paired up old-school powerhouse Trampa with Californian bass samurai OG Nixin for the maddest rave Perth’s seen in a while. 

Throwing down on Syndicate’s home turf at Villa Nightclub, a huge coming month for most punters meant it was the truly dedicated who dipped into their pockets to kickstart the month. In return, those committed bore witness to OG Nixin popping his Perth cherry in incredible fashion.

The young-gun had a blast with his debut set, dishing out the best of both worlds with an hour of overwhelming dubstep & minimal metallic riddim. A big opening & killer energy brought plenty of bodies to down into the mosh, and it didn’t take much for him to send the crowd into a frenzy that lasted from start to finish.

Overwhelming bass flowed effortlessly into signature riddim openings while he worked away at the decks, and the intensity just never stopped building as he delivered everything from his own ‘Bow Down’ & ‘Katana’ to the likes of Svdden Death & Marauda. Making an impact in style, there’ll no doubt be plenty waiting for Round 2 when OG returns.


The symbolic father of heavy dubstep, Trampa’s tearout production paved the way for new-age artists like HE$H & Marauda to dominate stages like they do today, and while Nixin definitely killed it, there’s no denying the UK heavyweight was the nights main event.

No stranger to destroying stages Down Under, the all-time fave jumped straight into it with wild machine gun arms, glaring backgrounds & eardrum-crushing bass - it took all of 30 seconds for Trampa to make his impact. His dramatic narrative of an opening pulled even more bodies into the mosh, and before you knew it his mechanical fight music was blasting out of the speakers at an incredible volume.

Sprinting round the decks, yelling obscenities into the mic, creating pits & calling everyone to their knees for a drop - he was so invested in seeing the crowd rage it almost felt like you’d be personally offending him by standing still, and he had the energy at such a boiling point that just the intro of ‘Rocket Fuel’ was enough to nearly bring the roof down.

A non-stop roll of hard hitting heaters like ‘Runners’ & ‘Headbang Gang’, saucy VIP’s & unreleased goods with Marauda - his hour-long set was exhausting in the best kind of way. He came, he saw, he conquered, and left behind a sweaty mess of busted eardrums & bewildered punters - it doesn’t get much better than that.

A heated debutante paired with an old-school reliable, Syndicate couldn’t go far wrong with a lineup like this. They’ll no doubt have a few more killer shows lined up to end the year with a bang, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Big thanks for bringing us down, and big ups to Trampa & OG Nixin for leaving me hearing impaired for the rest of the week, I wouldn’t change a thing. As always I hope you enjoyed the read, remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.