The Experience: 'Syndicate' ft. Eptic & Oddprophet

A burst pipe aint ever gonna slow us down

Will Marsh


hen it comes to succeeding in the event industry, consistency is key.

Thankfully, Perth dubstep dons Syndicate have proven time and time again that they know how to throw a damn good party.

Renowned for hosting huge double-headline shows, The Syndicate is one of Perth’s longest standing dubstep events, and with the quality acts they’re providing it’s no wonder why they continue to thrive.

This time round they invited us along to witness the overlord Eptic destroy Villa’s sound system alongside UK’s Never Say Die up-n-comer Oddprophet - catch our breakdown of the event below.


As local support from the likes of AHDJ & Benz came to a close, UK boss Oddprophet stepped on stage primed and ready to deliver a shelling to Villa’s crowd.

One of the fresher talents in the game, Oddprophet’s ability to distort metallic synths results in a beautifully warped style of dubstep - the type of shit that crushes any crowds it’s unleashed upon.

As his set kicked off, it felt like someone had set off a grenade behind the decks.‍

Oddprophet jumped in hard, instantly unleashing one of his dirtiest tracks ‘Check’ in explosive fashion before continuing to throw down a full hour of metallic bass.

He crafted a beautiful set , delivering plenty of crowd stompers - the hard rolls of Excision’s ‘Rumble’, wonky synths of ‘Angel Style’, even the stretchy bass of Space Lace’s ‘Torque’.

It’s not uncommon to feel the energy linger during the first headliner, but the combo of high intensity and a packed venue meant Oddprophet was gifted with a fierce crowd.

A few technical issues buffered his set but he took them lightheartedly, announcing at one point “Yo I think I just broke something,” but a quick recovery meant the pace never slowed down.

Delivering a fantastic set of wonky bass, Oddprophet stole the show before it had even really begun, and sent everyone into Eptic with very high spirits.


Dubstep’s very own overlord, Eptic’s cool demeanour and diverse soundscape make him a joy to follow both on and off stage.

He definitely didn’t come all this way to fuck around, greeting the crowd before jumping straight into the deep end with his new DJ Snake collab ‘Southside’, instantly capitalising on Villa’s electric energy.

The likes of his heavy hitters ‘Bop It’ & ‘Bloodlust’ sent the crowd crazy, and his early double drop of ‘Hold Me Back’ over Excision’s ‘Rumble’ was massive.

There was plenty of diversity as he fluently mixed in trap and jump-up basslines, with some upbeat hip-hop like Kendrick’s ‘M.A.A.D City’ dispersed throughout, and the flow never felt disjointed.

Of course, just when it seemed like everything was going too well, the venue started flooding.

The staff fought hard to keep the burst pipe under control, but when you've got that much water spewing out there isn't much you can do. Thankfully no one seemed too bothered, with a few enthusiastic punters going that extra mile to prove their commitment to the rave.

A brilliant performance backed by fantastic production and an energetic crowd made Eptic’s performance an absolute standout, and you’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t enjoy the experience he delivered.

Once again, Syndicate have proven that they can deliver.

Two brilliant producers and a crowd to match, the experience of a Syndicate event is unlike any other, and I can’t stress enough how much you need to give it a shot.

Massive thanks to them for bringing us along. As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Party safe, stay hydrated and I’ll see you next time.