'The Division' Launch Party - Dubstep Done Right

Bringing bass back

Will Marsh


n event that none of us saw coming, but one we definitely all needed - Perth’s newly-founded Division has finally launched, and it’s clear they aren’t here to mess around.

Hauling in Wakaan reps Liquid Stranger & G-Rex, ‘Monsters’ CEO Shiverz and youthful prodigies Hekler & Mastadon for their first event, the night was set to be worth remembering.

Five headliners wasn’t the only thing delivered by the new Origin x Filth hybrid as punters were gifted with the brand new self-constructed venue ‘The Bunker’ - a sweatbox buried under the concrete laden grandstand of Gloucester Park.

The backgrounds were vibrant, the lighting was perfect, and the fans were hanging juuuuust low enough for a few people to take home a souvenir - all that was left to deliver was the music.

G-Rex & Liquid Stranger - Space Bass

Delivering plenty of wobbles alongside his biggest tracks, what impressed me most about G-Rex was the diversity he managed to mix into his set.

Despite building his set around spacey tunes like ‘Babatunde’ & ‘Heretic’ he added plenty of bass on top, and his flawless delivery of big tracks ‘Behemoth’ & ‘Ball Licker’ were exactly what the crowd needed.

Whilst G-Rex nailed his set with flawless mixing & song choice, Liquid Stranger too set himself apart with a fantastic stage presence and top quality production.

His set was full of wobbly basslines, and pairing it with phenomenal lighting and vibrant graphics made Liquid’s set a truly sensory experience.

Big tunes ‘Spaceboss’ & ‘Dissolve’ were satisfyingly delivered through a massive sound system, but despite the thorough set, you could feel the crowd beginning to crave something heavier as his hour ran down.

Hekler & Mastadon - The Future

A constant reminder of how little I’ve achieved at 21 years old, these two are living proof that age doesn’t get in the way of talent.

Take youthful energy, high quality visuals and intense mixing - Hekler adds all of it up and delivers it on top of a live set built around his signature metallic sounds.

His crowd control and song selections were excellent, and he settled into a perfect flow for his set. One minute he’d be shelling out ‘Sonic Boom’, the next he’d have the whole crowd singing along to Post Malone - the energy in The Bunker felt electric.

A perfect act to follow, Mastadon came ready to destroy. Finger guns, vibrant backgrounds, strobes & smoke machines - it was a sensory overload as the 18 year-old launched himself into the headline set.

A true performer, seeing him control the crowd as he unleashed stacks of ID’s & edits was an unreal experience, and you could practically feel Gloucester shaking as he unloaded.

Watching the damage unfold as he dropped the likes of Subfiltronik & Downlink was unlike anything else, and one look at the crowd is all it takes to realise just how far he’s going to go.

Shiverz - Da Butcher

Thanks to his CEO status Shiverz has access to a plethora of ID’s, fresh releases & big edits, and his set was destined to be full of wonky goodness.

Plenty of chops and his mad energy makes it clear why he’s so revered in the riddim community, and while his mixing might not compare to the previous acts, the crowd still turned up in force.

With his wavy synths and wonky ID’s, Shiverz’ set brought a close to one of Perth’s most successful opening nights in years.

Everything from the layout of the venue to the presence of onsite paramedics was planned perfectly, and with nowhere to go but up, I can’t wait to see what Division brings next time.

As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.