Getter Breaks The Silence After His Social Media Disappearance

He's finally back, so let's keep it that way

Will Marsh


t’s been almost two months since Getter took his leave from social media, and at last he’s finally reappeared to give fans a long-awaited update.

After cancelling his remaining tour dates in response to hate from his so-called fans, Getter decided to unplug and give himself time to find a better headspace - and judging from his latest post, that's exactly what he's done.

His break from social media was obviously what he needed, and while it’s clear he’s in no rush to return it’s a relief to see that he’s still committed to putting out music in the future.

Freeing himself from the toxicity of his fanbase was a big step, and with the weight of other people's opinions lifted I’m very excited to see what creative direction he’ll take from here on out.

On top of everything, Getter makes some undeniably important points in his statement regarding the toxicity plaguing the online industry;

“It’s so easy to say fuck you, you suck, kill yourself, yet it’s almost a chore to say something nice.”

The sense of security provided by a keyboard makes the internet incredibly toxic, and it makes you wonder why people are willing to share their work at all.

No amount of hateful comments or cynicism gives you creative control over someone - so just let them do what they want, and if you don’t like it, don’t listen. Simple.

As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Party safe, stay hydrated, and remember, don’t be toxic.