RL Grime Wants Your Music

By the pricking of my thumbs, something dope this way comes

Will Marsh


t's getting to that time of the year. Halloween is rapidly approaching, and while everyone else is planning what to wear, working out how drunk they're going to get, and deciding who's house they're egging this year, I'll be doing what really matters.

Sitting in my room, alone, in the dark, waiting for RL Grime's new mix. That's where the real fun is.

This coming October will mark the 7th anniversary of RL Grime's much anticipated, fan favourite holiday mix; RL Grime Halloween VII. Always guaranteed to be a good time, the mix is bound to feature some fresh ID's, collaborations, and spooky tunes to get you all in a celebratory mood.

Why am I jumping onto it so early? Because I'm hyped, that's why. Last night RL Grime put out a post on his socials, asking all his fans out there to send him this years scariest songs. Will he actually include them? I mean, probably not, but hey you never know, gotta stay hopeful.

Personally I love the Halloween mixes. They're always full of fresh music to discover, and always have that replay value, and it seems I'm not alone in thinking that, with his Halloween VI mix pulling in over 2 million listens on Soundcloud, not bad at all.

So the real question is, what songs are you hoping to see thrown in there this year? If I could pick one, I'd have to go with 'Baba Yaga', by the homegrown heroes Oriental Cravings. Their collab with BEAUZ is almost the definition of a Halloween trap song, and it would be amazing to see some Perth talent feature in the mix, which would make it two years in a row for the duo.

We've still got a while to wait, but I'm more than certain that RL will deliver, because when has he ever not?

You'll be hearing from me again when the mix drops (and probably like 30 more times before that), so I'll be more than sure to give my two cents. Until then, bye for now.