Artist Showcase

PinkMilk Presents: JNK

Get to know the in's and out's of one of Perth's brightest up-n-coming duos

Will Marsh


aking a name for yourself in a highly competitive, ever-changing industry is always going to be an uphill battle – even more so when that industry is beginning to overflow with an onslaught of generic music and inconsistent fans. If that alone doesn’t make it hard enough, living in the most isolated city in the world definitely doesn’t make matters easier.


Perth is a tough place to begin your career, and you can’t help but respect the producers making an effort to break their way out onto the big stage.


Today we pay homage to a pair of Perth-based producers formed under the alias JNK, a duo striving to make a name for themselves in the bustling world of EDM.


A name you might think yourself unfamiliar with, you’ve probably managed to unknowingly catch JNK residing at a number of Perth hotspots over the years. Most notably these would include Death Disco at Capitol and the Brass Monkey Hotel, but you might even have stumbled across them throwing down at Groovin the Moo in Bunbury, making their way onto the local lineup supporting big-name acts including Dillon Francis and Slumberjack.


Their journey into the field of production began many years ago. Back in the day they spent their time crafting staticky beats on their school’s discount software, producing music they openly admit to being nothing more than terrible. Eventually they progressed onto fan-favourite software Fruity Loops, and slowly began upping their game, honing their skills to produce tunes worthy of recognition.


While they spend most their time floating around the Perth clubbing scene, JNK have recently stepped things up a notch by signing with US Label ‘The Meditation Station’ in October this year.


Under this label they dropped their first official track, ‘Around You’, which has seen plenty of love on Soundcloud the last few weeks, even gaining recognition among other Perth producers including Oriental Cravings and Rando.


The track presents an interesting style of sound, guided by floaty beats and chilled piano imprints, providing people with a relaxing, easy-listening tune.


The unique nature of the track makes it difficult to compare JNK’s style to that of any other producers, and in the end the closest we could settle on would be a “fruity version of Chrome Sparks”.


Not far off the back of their last release, the duo have another track dropping under their newly signed label. It seems that the track, which spent a year untouched and almost ended up in the bin, suits the taste of the ‘Meditation Station’ perfectly.


Evolve’ drops today on December 5th, and is another of the harmonious tracks the duo will be sure to produce under the flow of their newfound momentum as they begin setting their sights on a bright and fruitful future.



Like we said before, kickstarting your career, no matter how driven you are or how good your music is, is an uphill battle, and here at PinkMilk we greatly respect those brave enough to give it their all.


JNK have an interesting path set for themselves, and with hard work and commitment, there’s no reason their recent success can’t set a precedent for their future endeavours.


From all of us here at PinkMilk, we wish them luck, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


See you next time.