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Local Legends; Kid Caird & Yowiie Link Up For 2019's Latest House Anthem

A perfect combination of house & dance music from two of Perth's finest

Will Marsh


ustralian Summer is on the way, and we all know what that means. Striped Guess shirts, day drinking, sunburns & an endless f**king stream of beachy Insta stories. But still, on the bright side, we’ve got waves of fresh sunny music on the way too.

The latest track turning heads at PinkMilk comes from the minds of local legends Kid Caird & Yowiie, who linked up on the party island of Ios to bring tech house together with bassy dance music in their fresh release; ‘Don’t Stop The Rhythm.’ 

While most Aussies come home from the Greek islands with a mix of alcohol poisoning, sh*t tattoos & unwanted STD’s, the two Perth boys managed to keep it clean and instead came back with a house banger even ScoMo could have a bop to.

Bringing tech house & dance together in harmony, ‘Don’t Stop The Rhythm’ feels like a party track through & through. Hailing from a hotspot like Ios the tracks readiness to drop into the club scenes of Europe or Ibiza seems only fitting, and combining vibrant tech beats with sweet bassy undertones gives it that unmistakable feel of a dance floor groove.

The Perth locals took all the typical vibes of house music and added their own grungy spin on top, dipping into subtle bass and smooth beat claps under the easy flow to give the track some extra ‘oomph,’ and it’s with these that ‘Don't Stop The Rhythm’ manages to command your attention. 

The steady flow of bass guitar riffs, light drum steps, perfectly spaced double claps & warping sound effects - the track fades into the background while demanding your attention at the same time, and you can’t help but give in to that urge to bop your head as it flows on.

It manages to set itself apart from more generic dance music, but there are definitely times where the track can’t quite manage to escape that all too repetitive nature of house music. The group of beats at its centre feel a bit standard at times, but given house music’s typical barebones design this is would never be enough to put you off the track, and if you can look past the surface you’ll have no trouble enjoying yourself.

Yowiie (Left) & Kid Caird (Right) holding drinks way too close to their laptops

Overall, where they could have fallen prey to a trap of sheer simplicity the two producers have instead presented an interesting take on dance music. Pairing bread & butter sound design with bassy imprints hinting at their dubstep origins, the Chris Lake vibes & Claptone-esque vocals of ‘Don’t Stop The Rhythm’ tick all the boxes of a certified dancefloor filler.

Be sure to give the track a listen if you haven’t already, and show our two local legends some love for a job well done. As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Remember to party safe, stay hydrated, and I’ll see you next time.