Ghost Gang Comin Out With A Bang

Dubloadz the friendly ghost.

Will Marsh


oy I sure do love new music. I mean how can you not? Nothing quite like getting home, opening up Spotify and seeing a whole load of fresh new tracks waiting to be sampled. It's pretty often the highlight of me week. What that says about the excitement of my life, well, some things are best left in the dark.

Anyway, making it's way onto the scene this week we have new music from the one and only Dubloadz. If you don't know who Dubloadz is, as disappointing as that might be, you should definitely go an check him out. Why? Because his music is awesome, what other reason could you possibly need?

Currently in the US starting riots at Lost Lands, Dubloadz decided to drop a nice little surprise four days before the festival kicked off. His 'Ghost Gang' EP features four fresh new tracks for you all to enjoy, which include collaborations with Yakz, Monxx, Rico Act, and everybody's favourite dino, Midnight T. Safe to say there's more talent on this album than there are brain cells in the Australian Government.

Jumping into the EP, the first track has Dubloadz painted all over it. 'Ghost Gang' features a fast-paced build up, with enough soundbites to make a short film out of, pretty much exactly what I've come to expect from Dubloadz by this stage. Of course, in case you didn't know it was coming, the drop announces itself by screaming "Where my homies at" before throwing enough wobbles at you to knock you clean off your feet. It's clear from the get-go this is a Dubloadz track, featuring his typical bouncy style of dubstep, spaced out by some very nice, fast paced interludes. Personally, of the tracks on the EP, this one was the standout for me.

Secondly was the collab with boss man Midnight T, 'Don't Deal With The Devil'. This one definitely falls into the riddim category, which definitely isn't a surprise for anyone who knows Midnight T. The man sure loves his wavy synths, and their thrown left right and centre all over this track. Anyone who's heard his 'From The Depths' EP knows by now the type of sound Midnight T loves, and it's clear from the start that the riddimy 'squelch's' he loves so much dominate the track, certainly making for an.....interesting listen.

You know what. If ghosts could vomit, then I'm almost certain Dubloadz has hit the nail on the head with what they'd sound like. 'Ghost Vomit' features Yakz, someone you might not have heard of if you don't pay very close attention to the dubstep industry, but nonetheless, someone who's definitely started making their mark in the last year. And yeah, that's literally what the song is. A ghost, just vomiting everywhere. That pretty much sums it up. A very choppy riddim track, the BPM is up high enough to make sure you're not getting bored, and the slow build-ups definitely help create an ambience for the song. Whilst not my style, I definitely rate this one.

Lastly there's 'Wonk Wars'. This track features the incredibly hype man Rico Act, as well as Monxx, who actually showed up this time! Amazing. Rico Act's aggressive vocals control the build up, and make for a really engaging start to the track. The drop is timed perfectly with these vocals, and it makes for a very satisfying jump into the chorus. Slower than his previous tracks, 'Wonk War's is characterised by heavy thuds bursting through the speakers, bound to get everyone moving to the beat, whether they want to or not.

Overall, a nicely put together set of tracks from Dubloadz. In my opinion, it's going to take a lot for him to outclass 'Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts', but if there's one thing I can say about the man, it's that he's consistent.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time.