Quick Review - Kaytranada; 'Bubba'

A quick look into Kaytranada's second full-length album release, 'Bubba'

Andrew Ring


e may have delivered one of the most excruciatingly bad DJ sets I ever had the displeasure of witnessing, but Montreal producer Kaytranada sure can turn out a good album.

Concern’s that Bubba would fall victim to the same sort of sophomore syndrome that has plagued electronic artists for decades were allayed very early on. Among other things Bubba benefits from a level-up in sequencing compared to first LP 99.9%, while still losing none of the potency of its individual songs.

Short track lengths allow for an exploration into a plethora of different genres, vocalists, and sounds without stretching out the overall run-time. On Bubba you’re never really given the opportunity to settle, bouncing between songs and moods from start to finish.

Kaytranada’s greatest strength on the last album, marrying his varied production and signature drums to different vocalists, has only improved on Bubba. 10%, which sees Kaytranada combine with R&B sensation Kali Uchis, is a near faultless example of just how matching vocals with electronic music should be.

Vex Oh, with Goldlink, Eight9fly and Ari PenSmith, is another example that highlights his serious ability to bring the most out of vocalists. Need It has R&B and Funk up-and-comer Masego displaying his vocal range, once again with meticulous production to match.

It’s the range and style of Bubba’s countless different lyricists that give this album its true edge, granting it a level of uniqueness almost unmatched by Kaytranada’s few contemporaries.

In terms of detractions, the variety that gives this album its randomness and flair also bring with it a loss of flow. Some nifty sequencing tricks bring it back admirably, but there is only so much that can be done. With all that being said, Bubba is not entirely unlistenable as a full-length project.

Kaytranada has deliver, some might say too late, an album that makes up for what has been a rather disappointing year for LP’s in electronic music. While these genres are not traditionally this reviewer’s style, one cannot ignore the cleverness in production and ear for good sound that it takes to make a record this varied. I just hope he’s learnt to DJ.

Final Verdict: 78/100

If you've got an hour spare make sure you check out Kaytranada's latest down below. As always, thanks for reading, see you next time.